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People-based Attribution and Campaign Measurement for Web and Mobile.

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Toolkit For Marketers

Full visibility for campaigns across all platforms, channels, and devices with tools for unified measurement, campaign analytics, and accurate attribution.

Campaign Analytics

Customizable dashboard to present holistic measurement metrics.

Airbridge’s measurement capabilities allow you to deeply analyze the performance of your executed marketing campaigns through various metrics ranging from engagements, uninstalls, retention, impressions, cost, and revenue.

Integrated Data Feeds

Feed Airbridge’s raw data to other marketing tools for further actionable insights.

Airbridge’s data is integrated with industry leading digital marketing channels, marketing automation, and other product analytics tools.

Extensive Deep Linking

Contextual, conditional and standard deep links to deliver users to specific in-app contents.

Airbridge’s deep links improve your customers’ experience, retention and engagement. Our contextual links provide robust measurement by storing data about user intent, click source, and custom in-app events.

People-Based Attribution

Measure and attribute conversions to the right media, device and platform.

Our last click and statistical multi-touch models allows you to track complex non-linear customer journeys and determine in granularity the value of each campaign, channels, platforms and search keywords in influencing customer conversions.

In-App Analytics

Post-install user behaviour analytics with in-app event parameters.

Track your customer’s post-install journey with Airbridge’s customizable in-app event parameters that reveals what customers are engaging with within the app.

Data Log Export

Configure, customize and download raw data via CSV or Google Sheet export.

Airbridge offers a variety of data logs that can be exported ranging from marketing performance reports, raw data, retargeting outcome and fraud reports.

Fraud Detection

Customizable detection parameters equipped with validation rules for genuine measurement.

Eliminate wasteful spending on ad fraud with Airbridge’s customizable validation rules that defines conditions for when conversions should not be attributed.

Identity Resolution Engine

Unify fragmented identities across multiple devices and platforms into a single people-based identity.

People-based attribution is at the heart of an omni-channel world. Airbridge’s people-based unified identity delivers unparalleled attribution accuracy.

Retargeting Campaign Launchpad

Sync in-app events in real-time to retargeting channels.

Airbridge’s integrations with media channels allows you to automatically sync your rich-in app events to conduct retargeting campaigns to drive specific users towards a KPI or complete a call-to-action.

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