Meet Our Team

At Airbridge, our philosophy is based on a single premise that the best-in-class features are only delivered by the best team grounded by the strongest teamwork and synergy.

  • rol
    Roi Nam

    Chief Executive Officer

  • hunjae
    Hunjae Jung

    Chief Technology Officer

  • sungchul
    Tony Byun

    VP of Solutions Engineering

  • naeun
    Naeun Kim

    Chief Operations Officer

  • leeon
    Lee-On Ong

    Chief Strategy Officer

  • yongchoul
    Yongchoul Han

    Chief Product Officer

  • wonkyung
    Wonkyung Lyu

    Chief Information Security Officer

  • seonggun
    Seong-geon Ahn

    Lead Customer Success Manager

  • chanhee
    Chanhee Lee

    Software Engineer

  • yunseop
    Yunseop Song

    Software Engineer

  • jinwook
    Jinwook Jo

    QA Engineer

  • juhong
    Juhong Jung

    Lead Back-end Engineer

  • jaemoon
    Jaemoon Lee


  • hyungmin
    Hyungmin Kim

    Brand Designer

  • hyojun
    Hyojun Kim

    Lead Blockchain Engineer

  • byeongsu
    Byeongsu Hong

    Blockchain Engineer

  • soyeong
    Soyeong Yang

    UI Designer

  • donghyeon
    Donghyeon Go

    Software Engineer

  • hyunboem
    Hyunbeom Im

    Software Engineer

  • mingyu
    Mingyu Jo

    Software Engineer

  • sangbin
    Sangbin Ham

    Business Development Lead

  • jake
    Jaewon Kim

    Software Engineer

  • subeom
    Subeom Choi

    Software Engineer

  • jiyoon
    Jiyoon Yang

    UX Designer

  • jaeheung
    Jaeheung Kim

    Customer Success Manager

  • youngmin
    Youngmin Shin

    Software Engineer

  • kimgeon
    Geon Kim

    Software Engineer

  • haejeong
    Haejeong Park

    Customer Success Manager

  • minji
    Minji Kim

    Team Manager

  • mingyuj
    Mingyu Jeong

    Customer Success Manager

  • chanhwan
    Chanhwan Choi

    Software Engineer

  • songeon
    Geon Son

    Software Engineer

  • seunghwan
    Seunghwan Jang

    UX Designer

  • jeonghyeock
    Jeonghyeock Kim

    Software Engineer

  • wontak
    Wontak Kim

    Software Engineer

  • hyeongwook
    Hyeongwook Bang

    Information Security Manager

  • hyuksoon
    Hyuksoon Choi

    Account Executive

  • hyeil
    Hyeil Shin

    Customer Success

  • hyunseok
    Hyunseok Cho

    Solutions Engineering

  • sojeen
    Sojeen Park

    Customer Success

  • wonkyun
    Wonkyun Lim

    Software Engineer

  • hyejin
    Hyejin Joh

    Performance Marketer

  • dohyeon
    Dohyeon Kim

    Back-End Engineer

  • hayoung
    Hayeong Jung

    UX Designer

  • hojun
    Hojun Im

    Back-End Engineer

  • jeongah
    Jeongah Lee

    Platform Specialist

  • joonki
    Joonki Jin

    Front-End Engineer

  • jungmook
    Jungmook Yun

    Marketing Data Consultant

  • junyoung
    Junyoung Yang

    Customer Success Manager

  • chang
    Chang Kim

    Account Executive

  • changu
    Changu Im

    Account Manager

  • hyunji
    Hyunji Kim

    Team Manager

  • keehyun
    Keehyun Gwon

    Account Executive

  • minseok
    Minseok Yang

    Back-End Engineer

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